Me as a proud teacher...

May 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Teaching photography is often very rewarding. I am very proud of Daniele who is having her first show in Brussels next week. We have been preparing the pictures for months – selecting, editing, printing… and today we finally discovered the results of her hard work.

I met Daniele last year and was very attracted by her world. Her work is very different from mine, but I love her style. I love the bold colors she uses, and how meticulous she is when finding props and backgrounds for her still life photographs. The way she plays with the light to recreate very contrasted images, strong shadows as in Flemish paintings. She also has amazing abstract pictures she took from natural elements such as trees, leaves or water reflections. Plus, she is very passionate about everything she does.

I was very flattered when she asked me some help to organize her first show in an art gallery. She gave everything for this exhibition during the last months.

















For those who are in Brussels or nearby you can see her work at the Artistica Gallery. The opening is on 18th May at 7pm.

More details on Facebook or the gallery web.


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