Short movie making in Brussels...

August 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Back to my 1st love, back to movies! When I was studying I used to work in a small cinema in my hometown as cashier and projectionist. There I learned cinema was art when I was 18. This was a very new world to me, which I still love very much.

For those who know my work, you will recognize my model Damien who is an actor.

Last week he took me to the shooting of a short movie « Le Caulfield, la Prostituée et le Mac ».

It was very interesting to see how moviemakers work, as it was a first time for me.  The first day they shot in an elevator, here the main challenge was space (and the neighbors). The 2nd day in a hotel room.

I can’t resist comparing movie making and photography. They are both very similar storytelling process, movies are motion pictures. The lighting and compositing process are the same or maybe I do not know enough about movie making to say so. The main difference is the teamwork, as I always work alone.

I enjoyed myself very much, and met some interesting people, having some good time working.

Here are some pictures of the shooting.


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