My most vulnerable self...

May 20, 2015  •  3 Comments

As an artist you have to put yourself outside to show your work and let people know what you are capable of. The truth is despite my self-confidence I often feel very vulnerable. To my own critiques and to the others..

When I show my work to someone I always fear they will not like it, it will not be understood. It is a part of me I am showing, therefore very intimate.

My most vulnerable self…


En tant qu’artiste il faut s’exposer pour montrer son travail et ce dont on est capable. Malgré la confiance que je peux avoir en moi je me sens très souvent vulnérable. À mes propres critiques, tout comme celles des autres.

Quand je montre mon travail j’ai toujours peur que les gens n’aiment pas, ou qu’ils ne comprennent pas. C’est une partie de moi que je montre,  la plus personnelle. 



Tom Bradley(non-registered)
Hey Amélie,

I think your vulnerability is actually what gives many of your images some of their ethos. It appears to me you know how to channel your fear into creative energy. That's the definition of courage. Rock on!

Amélie Berton Photography
thank you so much Jim for understanding my point! I checked the image you referred to and I love it (I did not know about this photographer - beautiful work so modern!)
have a great day!
Hello Amélie,

I agree wholeheartedly with your comments I have the same feelings of vulnerability and yet I continue to make self images. I think it's because it's the most personal aspect of photography that anyone can attempt.

Once you get past the 'selfie' and into the art of it you find yourself in touch with something that is beyond you own self, I offer this both as a question and a statement.

Though in this self image I can see that you are already there, that moment of both inner and visible contemplation is there for anyone to see.

I was influenced initially by Anne Brigman and her 'Soul of the blasted pine' I guess I still am.

Cheers - Jim
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