Frame invasion in my living room...

March 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A few weeks ago I was invited by Serendip to show my work during their Wine & Canvas night on March 20th. It is an amazing opportunity so I said yes. Yesterday I finally received the pictures after a crazy and stressing story happened to me..

The delivery guy made a mistake and I couldn't get my pictures. I spent a long time over the phone with a girl from their customer service. I was angry and stressed but remained very nice to her - as she is not responsible for the mistake. Finally she decided to deliver herself directly the pictures at my place at 8pm... Always be kind with everyone, and you will meet very kind people in return... anger leads to anger, kindness leads to kindness...

I started to frame everything. 10 pictures out of 13 are ready so far... still lot of work to do but I am very happy of the results. The paper is great (Fujifilm pearl - slightly textured but not too much) and obviously I LOVE the pictures. So rewarding to see my work alive outside the virtual world of my computer screen.

Tomorrow the exhibition is at Serendip Spa Place Stéphanie in Brussels.Hope visitors will like my work too!


flyer Serendip exhibition flyer Serendip exhibition flyer Serendip exhibition


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