the secret... solarized nude portrait

April 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

a friend of mine did a solarized nude of me a few years ago (seems like it was a century ago), so I wanted to try.. it is really cool to see colours and shades changing, like in every experiment it took me some time to achieve the sought result but at the end I have a great pic and I learned new things..

nowadays there are so many ways to put filters in photoshop, it is very important for me to experiment more and more to find the best way for the sought results and my workflow.. in this case I played with curves, focus, texture to get this image

I am pretty happy cause it is the 1st time I shoot a nude portrait I can share on the internet, I understand some people trust me enough to get naked in front of me but not in front of the whole world (or almost)

I am working on serie - all nude- hopefully to be published soon

this portrait is about the secrets we all have inside, sometimes they are too big and tear us apart...



the secret...the secret...Étouffer un sentiment pénible, c'est comprimer la vapeur : mieux vaut une fissure qu'une explosion ; mieux vaut une soupape qu'une fissure.
Henri-Frédéric Amiel

the crack is the heavy secret we all have, we try to hide it and keep it for ourselves, but sometimes the secret is tearing us from inside...


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