finding magritte.. an homage to the belgium artist

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In this picture I wanted to explain visually what I feel when I am inspired, my inner world is shaken. Inspiration is defined as a process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.


I live in Brussels so I went a few months ago to visit the Magritte museum, as Magritte is one of my favorite painter. I am very attracted by surrealism, and the questions it ask the viewers.  Nowadays we are used to seeing surreal things, photoshoped pictures, scifi movies… Magritte and his fellow artists did not have all those surreal stimulations, their thoughts and inspiration was somehow pure, and this always amazes me. They were true visionaries and even philosophers. (This is not a Pipe and the Treachery of Images)

I wanted to render homage to him, in a surreal picture. A friend offered me this book 2 months ago, and I really wanted to use this book as a prop as a clear reference to the Belgium painter.


There is no single way to feel inspired. That’s because we are all different and therefore find this stimulation or this need to create in different things. We all need to learn what works for us. Think about what you were doing the last time you felt inspired. Where were you? What were you doing? What music were you listening to?


The most important is to create your inspiration, and that is the new goal I set to myself. Not only to create surreal images, but also to be more creative in my portraits.

For those who do not know the wonderful René Magritte:é_Magritte







finding magritte...finding




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